So in the last few weeks we have been doing a art project where you have to pick two artists and create a peice of art. I used anime and the simpsons to get inspired where I had to use collage somewhere in the art. I created a bedroom looking collage with drawing throughout I had drawn to use  think them as inspired by the cartoon theame in my two artists. I will post my art later once I take a picture of it. I think my art turned out ok, probbally should of used more colour. I quite liked the patterns though and how the style of everything was so diffrent.

Screenshot 2016-08-24 at 9.03.20 AM

If I was a famous Youtuber I would have to be famous for gaming, just imagine how cool that would be! just sitting back all day filming yourself while playing video games and eating candy. Most of my wall in my room would be covered by my 100 inch tv as I collect plenty of video games everyday and when I need exicice from all that gaming I would just go out and play pokemon go ūüôā

the end (for now)


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1: Go on a diet where you can not eat healthy stuff only junk food!

2: Speak and write pig Latin- works every time (if you don't know what that is search it up on the web)

3: Rap everything you say so they can't understand you

4: When your mum asks you what you did at school RAP what you did

5: If you have to do your homework don't say your dog ate it say your (imaginary) friend bobby ate it.

6: If you don't like your dinner start crying with joy and go on and on about how amazing it is but your on a diet

7: do the 40 hour challenge for a whole week

8: if your thirteen and over say that your a young adult now so you can look after yourself

9: Pretend your a bird!

10: Do all of these 1-10! (have fun(:)



I imagined what it would be like to have all I could see, food!!!, Food and more food! I could see that mouth watering pie in the window, it looked soooooo tasty and that sassy pink fluffy unicorn looked pretty good too, her mane looked like strawberry sauce.  did I mention that amazingly tasty looking homer Simpson, yum yum! eat whatever you fell like if your hungry because you don't want to die, go ahead eat your friends, even eat that dirty little fly. If your parents are mad eat their  favorite shoes, just do anything that makes them go coo coo!